What’s left? The Badger vs Palpatine

I intend to ramble on this blog about all sorts. Maybe I will find my niche, maybe I will continue to write disjointed babble. Either way you are more than welcome to troll me, agree with me, point out the glaring flaws in my grammar and spelling or just have a read over this and give me some constructive criticism. The latter is my favoured response.

The thing on everyone’s news-feeds at this moment in time is the upcoming election so for now I will make do with that bore-fest. If, like me, you find the whole thing incredibly dull, nobody blames you but please, please still register to vote.

The thing is, this vote and voting in general seems to just be the illusion of choice. Some arseholes voted in some arseholes from a whole bunch of arseholes you potentially voted in in the first place. If you wanted to choose between a female Emperor Palpatine and a strategically shaved badger in a suit then congratulations, that’s exactly the choice you have. If, like me, you wanted someone other than a Tory or Labour candidate to be in control of your future…you are essentially shit out of luck.

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It’s like Britain’s got Talent but they skipped the auditions stage entirely and just went straight to the final. In one corner we have Theresa May who is presumably the best of a bad bunch, although Boris Johnson would have been a hilarious if even more cringe-worthy alternative. Essentailly the Tories promise is:

We promise we have a great plan for Brexit, we’re not going to show you but you can be assured it will be fucking fantastic and that other guy is shit, just look at him…he’s shit

Q) Why? A) He has no plan for Brexit

Q) What is your plan for Brexit?  A) It is a really good one

Q) Can you elaborate on that? A) Look at him, he’s shit

In the other corner we have the man that I would like to see as the next Prime Minister, if only because I really don’t like any Tory policies at all from the past and their current policy seems to be non-existent aka We can’t exactly say we’ll privatise the NHS and screw over poor people, who would vote for us then? Better to blame immigrants for all of our problems. Everyone can get behind that. Struggling to pay the bills? Immigrants are to blame. Struggling to find a job? Immigrants are to blame. Lost your fucking car keys? Immigrants are to blame.

Anyway, I think this last meme sums it up very well. I don’t have complete faith in Corbyn but he definitely seems like an angel in comparison to that haggard wench and the bunch of snobby, greedy, elitist pricks that she represents.

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